Certificate in Christian Service 
This course of study has been provided for those in the local church who want a solid grounding in Bible doctrine and church ministries. 8 subjects must be completed. This can be done over one year of full-time study or several years doing part-time.

Ladies Ministries Certificate 
This course aims to provide women with training in basic areas of home management. Together with a basic biblical foundation, this course encourages practical Christian living in the home and the local church. The certificate requires the completion of 8 subjects. Ladies are required to select 4 of the subjects from the Ladies Ministries Certificate curriculum. The other 4 subjects must be selected from the rest of the curriculum. This course is completed part-time.

Certificate in Biblical Church Ministries
This course aims to provide men and women effective training through their local church. It consists of 3 levels with each level being 8 subjects. 

Certificate in Biblical Studies and Theology 
This course is intended for those who desire to be well equipped for service in the local church as God leads them. This course provides solid grounding in Bible doctrine and church ministries. It is designed to give a solid foundation in Christian maturity, knowledge of the Bible, Theology and Christian ministry skills. This is further developed by the student being active in a local church that takes a separatist ecclesiastical position. It consists of 4 levels.


The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

Isaiah 40:8

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