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Christian Worker's Certificate

This one-year foundational course is designed as the first year of the three-year Certificate of Ministry; and also as a stand-alone, complete unit of study. As a standalone complete unit of study, it is designed for all Christians that they may be soundly grounded in their faith - no matter what their vocation: well equipped to serve the Lord as a Sunday School teacher, deacon, parent, etc. It is strongly recommended that high school graduates do the one-year course before entering the workforce or attending university. A student is required to have completed year 12 or be at least 18 years of age.

First Semester

BI 101 - Old Testament Survey

BI 102 - New Testament Survey

TH 101 - Survey of Bible Doctrines

HI 101 - Manners and Customs

GE 101 - Bible Study Methods

GE 102 - IT and Ministry

GE 103 - English Grammar

Second Semester

BI 101 - Old Testament Survey

TH 102 - Survey of Cults

GE 104 - Apologetics

MN 101 - Teaching Methods

MN 102 - Evangelism and Discipleship

BL 101 - Introduction to Biblical Languages