Christian Worker's Certificate

(1 Year Certificate and the first year of the 3 year certificate)

2nd Semester



Due to there being no full-time first year students, some Year 1 classes are not being offered this semester.


 We would encourage all students that are able to attend class on campus to do so. However, if you are unable to attend class on campus, then we are continuing to trial electronic attendance. You will need to pre-register for electronic attendance by July 4th so that we may test suitability and connections.

Term Dates

Term Dates                                                                                         Holidays
Term 3: 15 July - 19 September (10 weeks)                                       20 September – 06 October
Term 4: 07 October - 28 November (8 weeks)                                    29 November



Please source your own textbooks (unless specifically stated that the textbook is supplied by the college) before the start of class whenever possible. Admin has some second hand textbooks for sale.


Tuesday Class 

Evangelism and Discipleship
2 hour class

Times: 7pm-8:50am
Lecturer: Evangelist Kevin Currell and Ps David Kemplay-Hill
Location: On Campus

Subject Description:
This subject teaches the student the complete plan and pattern of the Great Commission. Biblical principles and methods of witnessing and leading souls to a personal acceptance of Christ as Saviour are given, as well as principles and methods of nurturing new believers in the Faith.

The Soul Winner - CH Spurgeon
Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium - Ken Ham
There will also be a student workbook supplied by the lecturer for the Discipleship part of this class


Monday Class
This class was previously advertised for Wednesday. It has been moved to MONDAY NIGHTS!

2 hour class

Times: 7-8:50pm
Lecturer: Kevin Currell Tim Bunch
Location: VBBC Campus

Subject Description:
This subject equips the student with a working knowledge of the major fields of apologetics, in order that they will then be able to better defend their faith, present truth, and give honest answers to honest questions for evangelism and edification.

"Many Infallible Proofs" by Henry M Morris
"A Defense of the Bible" by Gary Baxter


Thursday Class

Teaching Methods
2 hour class

Times: 7:30pm-9:00pm
Lecturer: Ps Robert Apps
Location: Skype

Subject Description:
This subject is designed to develop the skills required to effectively teach in all areas of ministry. Principles of both teaching and learning are studied. The student is equipped for all facets of teaching including pastoral, Sunday School, youth, and children. Special needs and unique teaching situations are also covered.

"Effective Bible Teaching" by Jim Wilhoit & Leland Ryken

Textbooks should be purchased before the start of class whenever possible