Certificate of Ministry
(3 Year Certificate)
2nd Semester of the 2nd Year 

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We would encourage all students that are able to attend class on campus to do so. However, if you are unable to attend class on campus, then pleaser pre-register your interest in electronic attendance (a surcharge may apply) by July 13th.


Please source your own textbooks (unless specifically stated that the textbook is supplied by the college) before the start of class whenever possible.

Term Dates

Term 3: 20 July - 17 September (10 weeks)                                       18 September – 04 October
Term 4: 05 October - 3rd December (8 weeks)                                   4th December


Tuesday Classes  

Biblical Languages 2
2 hour class

Biblical Languages I is a prerequisite for this course

Time: 8-9:50am
Lecturer: K Currell
Location: On Campus

Subject Description:
This continues the work of firmly establishing the fundamentals of the structure and workings of the Greek language used in the New Testament and expands into translation work touches on key nuances involved. It also continues to build upon the basics of the Hebrew language of the Old Testament.

Hebrew-Greek Bible - Trinitarian Bible Society
A Beginners Reader-Grammar for the New Testament - Colwell & Tune

The Book of Romans
2 hour class

Times: 10:30am-12:20pm
Lecturer: C Williams
Location: On Campus

Subject Description:
This subject gives a detailed analysis with special attention directed to its doctrinal and practical values for the believer. Chapters 1-8 are viewed as “doctrinal,” chapters 9-11 as “dispensational,” chapters 12-16 as “duty.”

Recommended readings given by the lecturer in class.

Pneumatology, Angelology, and Antropology
2 hour class

Times: 1:30-3pm
Lecturer: R Apps
Location: Skype

Subject Description:
The focus in this Theology course will be the study of the Holy Spirit - Pneumatology, the study of angels - angelology, and the study of man - anthropology. Class time will be spent looking at the Biblical texts that deal with these topics and asking how the knowledge of these subjects should affect the lives of the students.

Lecturers in Systematic Theology- Henry Thiessen

Pastoral Epistles
2 hour class

Times: 7-8:50pm
Lecturer: S Shaw
Location: Skype

Subject Description:
The course will undertake a verse by verse study of the Pastoral Epistles and an understanding of their historical context. As well as a study of the Biblical text, the course will explore the application of Church administration principles in light of the influence of liberal theology, and various “church growth” movements.

The KJV Bible Commentary
The Pastoral Epistles by Homer Kent

Friday Classes 

Homiletics and Public Speaking
2 hour class

Times: 7pm-8:50pm
Dates: July 16th-Nov. 26th
Lecturer: E Veszely
Location: VBBC Campus

Subject Description:
Homiletics is a study of the art and science of preaching with practical application in the preparation and delivery of Biblical Messages. Public Speaking is a more general study not limited to preaching alone but applicable for all those preparing Biblical lessons and delivering them to the broadest spectrum of hearers and settings.

Goetsch, Dr J. Homiletics from the Heart Revival Books
Wiersbe W and Wiersbe D., The Elements of Preaching Tyndale House
Braga, James How to prepare Bible Messages Multnomah