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Enrolment Procedure

Should you wish to become a student at VBBC, you will need to complete the registration forms.Download the Enrolment Kit which contains: (1) The Enrolment Instructions, (2) The Enrolment Forms, and (3) The Church Authorisation Form.

  1. Applicants who live in Australia and have satisfactorily completed year 12 (or its equivalent) or are age 18 or older may enrol.

  2. The College needs references to enable the college to assess the applicant's ability to undertake study at VBBC. Normally this includes a reference from the pastor plus another person who knows the applicant well. Include contact information for the two references. The college will need to hear from these references in writing that they confirm the applicant's Christian character and that in their judgement the applicant will be able to undertake and profit from this course of study that has been chosen. These references are to be sent to the college by the referees and will be treated confidentially.

  3. Include a one to two page description setting out details of the applicant's Christian testimony, involvement in the life of the applicant's church, and the reasons for undertaking further Christian study.

  4. The College requires that the applicant's home church support the enrolment into VBBC. Each student must (1) be a baptised believer whose Christian life and service merit recommendation by the church, and (2) be a member of a church that takes an ecclesiastically separatist position. This is expressed by completing the Church Authorisation Form that is completed by the applicant's pastor on behalf of the applicant's church. The applicant cannot enrol without it.

  5. The applicant must complete the enrolment form and send it to the college.

  6. The college reserves the right to make exceptions in unusual and legitimate circumstances

  7. The college does not sponsor overseas students for student visas.

Students by virtue of their enrolment agree to live within the framework of the school’s standards of conduct. While some may not have personal convictions in accord with all of these standards, agreeing to them obligates the student to assume responsibility for honourable adherence to them while enrolled in the college. It should, of course, be understood that any behaviour, either on campus or away, which indicates that a student has disregard for the spirit of the school standards, would be sufficient reason to ask him to withdraw from the school.

In order to graduate each student must indicate agreement to the doctrinal statement of VBBC without reservation. Students who are unable to do so and have satisfactorily completed the academic requirements with a good attitude will be given a letter of recognition of accomplishments, but will not receive a certificate or diploma.

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Send your completed forms to:

Victoria Baptist Bible College
328 Bayswater Road
Bayswater North, Victoria  3153

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.